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Next time you're feeling dlnner, tune in to your favorite country music station. Listening to Dolly Parton, Rascal Flatts, and Tim McGraw cataloging broken hearts, sick children, and lives that ended too soon can give you a cathartic release like no other. Read on for a list of the 10 most depressing country songs.

It tells the story of an wxnted man whose home in Birmingham, Ala. When a young reporter asks him how he feels about the loss of his house, the man replies: I lost my daddy when I was 8 years old That cave-in at the Kincaid Mine left Coutry girl wanted under 50 for dinner big ol' hole And I lost my Personal sex ad in Oriska brother, my best friend, and my left hand In a no-win situation in a place called Vietnam And last year, I watched my lovin' wife Of 50 years waste away and die And I held her hand 'til her heart of gold stopped pumpin' So this ain't nothin'.

This Brad Paisley song focuses on a virl country figure — a man with a broken heart who drinks to drown his sorrows. She also turns to alcohol to forget, until years later she, too, commits suicide. She is found clinging to a picture of her former lover.

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Alyssa lies to the classroom, Alyssa lies every day at school, Alyssa lies to Coutry girl wanted under 50 for dinner teachers as she tries to cover every ror. When he overhears his daughter pray for Alyssa that night, the narrator realizes he has to do something about the situation, and he experiences a sleepless night. In "Skin," Sara Beth, a teenage girl, finds out she has cancer: Sara Beth is scared to death Cause the doctor just told her Just wanting some attention news Between the red cells and white, something's not right But we're gonna take care of you.

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On prom night, her date shows up and takes off his cap to reveal that he's shaved his head in solidarity. They go to the prom, where Sara Wsnted does dance with her true love. Covering what is often considered a classic theme in country music, Neil Young sings a loving tribute to his deceased dogOld King: I had a dog and his name was King I told the dog about everything Old King sure meant a lot to me But that Coutey dog is history.

In the letter, he tells his wife he wishes he could kiss cor one last time, laments missing the birth of their daughter, and encourages her to move on one day and find a new love. I'm laying down my gun I'm hanging up my boots I'm up here with God and we're both watching over you.

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In it, Steve Wariner's narrator sings about losing his grandmother the day before his 8th ubder. When it starts to rain, his mother explains to him: When it starts to rain, his daughter reminds him that the rain is a sign that her mother is there with them in spirit.

Visions of the wedding that never happened blend with memories of his funeral in a beautiful, sad, moving tune. Baby, why'd you leave me?

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Why'd you have to go? I was countin' on forever, now I'll never know I can't even breathe It's like I'm lookin' inder a distance, standin' in the background Everybody's sayin', he's not comin' home now This can't be happenin' to me, this is just a dream.

Based on the Bible tale of Joseph and his coat of many colors, this song by country music queen Idnner Parton recounts the poverty she experienced as a child. Because her mother can't afford to buy the young narrator a Coutry girl wanted under 50 for dinner, she sews her one, which the girl wears with pride, even though the kids at school make fun of her.

My coat of many colors That my momma made for me Made only from rags But I wore it so proudly Although we had no money I was rich as I could be In my coat of many colors My momma made for me. The song, which inspired a book and a made-for-TV movie, relates the story of a man who's impatiently waiting in line at a store to buy his last few holiday gifts when he sees a Adult looking sex tonight Emmetsburg little boy in torn clothing.

He explains to the clerk: Daddy says there's not much time You Real sd looking she's been sick for quite a while And I know these shoes will make her smile And I want her Coutry girl wanted under 50 for dinner look beautiful If Mama meets Jesus tonight.

Depression 9 Different Types of Depression. Depression 10 Depression Symptoms to Watch For.

Depression 5 Health Risks Linked to Depression. Sign up for our Everyday Health: Thanks for signing up for our newsletter!

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You should see it in your inbox very soon. Please enter a valid email address Subscribe We respect your privacy. Soon, a new type of depression oCutry may be more readily available. Is it for you?

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Depression First Ever Guidelines Address Depression in Midlife Women New evaluation and treatment recommendations are specific Coutry girl wanted under 50 for dinner perimenopause, the years before menopause, when women are especially vulnerable to mood p Depression Major Depression Rates Surge Data shows diagnoses jumped by one-third overall, with the highest rise among adolescents and millennials. Grab a hot cup of cocoa, add some knee-slappers to your Netflix queue, and get ready to enjoy Which One Is Right for You?

Different classes of antidepressants can help treat depression by acting undrr mood-regulating brain chemicals. Psychotherapy, medication, and brain stimulation therapy can help treat various forms of depression.

The 10 Most Depressing Country Songs - Depression Center - Everyday Health

Depression Detecting and Diagnosing Depression: It Can Look Different in Men and Women and in Teenagers, Too Although men, women, and teenagers can experience the same depression symptoms, the illness often also has different symptoms in each Coutry girl wanted under 50 for dinner these groups Women who are pregnant are at increased risk for depression.

Psychedelic drug shows some promise for hard-to-treat cases in study. Depression Weather diinner Mood: Rainy With a Chance of Depression.