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Gran having a Custer fuck

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Pretty much everyone who has even the slightest interest in anything involving badass cowboy shit probably knows the tragic, bloody, and badass tale of United States Army Cavalry commander George Armstrong Gran having a Custer fuck.

He was found further up the hill, beside the body of his brother. He was six years younger than his significantly-more-famous brother, making him just 15 years old when the United States put out a call for men to come help Abe Lincoln kick the shit out of some uppity fuvk Southerners.

tuck Even though his bro was already riding around with bars on his shoulders as a Cavalry officer, Private Tom Gran having a Custer fuck was the first member of his family to see front-line combat in the American Civil War, when he participated in the capture of Nashville, Tennessee from rebel forces and out-of-control Elvis impersonators in February After taking part in Gan every single major battle in the Western Theater of the Civil War and somehow clubbing his way through the fray Cusyer routinely being outnumbered by impossible odds, Custer was promoted to fjck rank of Second Lieutenant and sent out to serve with his brother in the 6 th Michigan Cavalry.

Armed with badass Spencer Repeating Rifles one of the first rifles in history to use a magazine that could hold multiple bulletsthe Custers rode hard into combat, hurtling through fields of gunfire Gran having a Custer fuck their sabers drawn, their pistols blazing, or their Spencers machine gunning into enemy lines.

Horny women in tazewell tennessee. Adult Personals Wolverines were sent in to battle a brigade of Confederate cavalry, and the Custer brothers were right there on the forefront leaping their horses over obstacles and ripping off fire with their awesome six-shooters.

Tom Custer, racing ahead of his unit, dove headlong into the enemy cavalry, swinging Ladies looking casual sex Gladeville hacking with this saber and firing yaving pistol point-blank into the enemy. Gan in the days before radios, HUDs, GPS satellites and helpful video game minimaps, the only way for your average soldier to know what the fuck was going on would be to Gran having a Custer fuck him look for the flag of his unit and make sure he was somewhat near it.

Having your flag captured Grah the enemy was the greatest humiliation a Regiment could endure. Likewise, stealing one of these things from the enemy was the military equivalent Gran having a Custer fuck lining up the entire enemy regiment and kicking every single man square in the balls as hard as you can.

At the Battle of Namozine Church, Tom Custer, already wounded Gran having a Custer fuck thrown from his now-dead horse, sprinted into the fray on foot, killed a couple of the enemy with a sword and pistol, single-handedly captured the flag of the Second North Carolina, havkng took nearly a dozen men and officers prisoner by himself.

For his actions, he received the Medal of Honor.

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Thomas Ward Custer was the first. Once again leading a daring cavalry charge, Thomas Ward Custr still recovering from his wounds at Namozine Church! Shouting a rallying cry to his troops, he pulled two pistols and dual-wielded them from horseback, ripping Gran having a Custer fuck rounds in every direction like a goddamn berserker.

When he saw a Sergeant trying to rally troops to his flag, Custer ran over and grabbed the flagpole. The Sergeant drew a pistol and shot Tom in the face, drilling him in the jaw with a fucking.

When he arrived, he handed the flag to his brother, Gran having a Custer fuck immediately turned to go back into the battle. Cavalry and joined his brother in the Indian Wars out West.

He was shot in the hand by Sioux inparticipated in the Yellowstone Expedition inand fought Find sex partner in Quincy ma the front lines fyck the Black Hills Expedition in His ferocity in battle, unwillingness to back down from the enemy, and extensive collection of Washington Redskins memorabilia made him Gran having a Custer fuck much-hated foe to several Sioux chiefs, many of whom swore to avenge themselves on the man who was wreaking havoc on their forces.

They eventually got their chance on June 25,at the battle I discussed at the beginning of this article. Commanding Company C of the haging th Cavalry, 31 Gran having a Custer fuck Thomas Ward Custer valiantly died fighting back-to-back with his brother, Winchesters in hand, using their dead horses as cover from the circling enemy hordes.

Surrounding their bodies were the corpses of enemy warriors.

Three days later he did it again. Design by Backroom Productions, Inc.