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Need a little kink in my life

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New to the area Well like my says I'm waiting for some sexy women to text and exchange with. Looking for Bi-FEMALE m4w Looking for BI-FEMALE to play withParties and maybe the Social Club iink time to timeGoing out on the weekends looking for playmatesWe can have some fun together 1 on 1must be CLEAN.

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So here is the background during the War there is experimenting going on to kinj clone replicas of Itachi and Deidara, you following me, well the general idea is when they used the DNA from Itachi and Deidara they inadvertently resurrected the two of them, but they can't control the real things.

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So we all know that Itachi was like a double agent for Konoha, and konk a good guy that he is he returns home dragging Deidara along with him. Well, they have to make a blood oath swearing allegiance to the Leaf, so now they are on the good guy's team.

Basically if they break the pact they will die again without any hope of being resurrected… so on that note I give you this little diddy muhaha I know genius right. I swirled the liquor around in my shot glass and let out a dejected sigh, placing my chin in the palm of my hand.

It was easy for littlw to say I mean she was engaged to fucking Sai of all people, Sai was settling down. So what if I like a little kink in my life, that isn't so bad Nashville Tennessee girl gets fucked it Pig," I said in what was meant to be a whisper but came out rather loudly because let's face it Need a little kink in my life was most definitely wasted at this point.

Dance I thought to myself, dancing doesn't seem like a bad idea, that's what crossed my mind as I stumbled on the dance floor unaware of the two pairs of eyes locked on to me as I moved. I moved in time with the beat of the music, losing myself with in the sound. I ran my kin, along my body, enjoying myself.

It wasn't long until I felt the hard muscular chest of a Shinobi behind me, but I really didn't pay it much attention just enjoyed the feel of someone so near me. Blue eyes clashed with my emerald ones, and I felt the man behind me breathe against my ear, "We happen to like that Need a little kink in my life hair of yours very much," his tenor voice rang in my ears like a melody.

The blonde haired Shinobi took my arms, and placed them around his neck, and the three of us moved in unison together.

Need a little kink in my life it me or was it getting hard to breathe in this bar, I thought to myself as once again a hot breath from behind me ghosted across my ear, " As far as Kink goes," he breathed only to be answered by the man in front of me, " we happen to fucking love it, yeah.

Even being drunk as hell there is no mistaking the sound of Uchiha Itachi or Deidara of Iwa's voice, and it seemed the two of them were making me an offer that no woman in Blonde secretary in stockings right mind would refuse.

I mean with the Sharingan, and those mouths that Deidara possessed a woman could die and go to heaven from pleasure I was pretty sure about that. Sorry Pig, I thought to myself as we made our way from the bar and towards my apartment.

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Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Two sexy nin overhear a conversation Sakura and Ino are having at a bar, and decide to make Sakura an offer she can't refuse. Of Bodies, Hair, and Kink Sakura's PoV I swirled mink liquor around in my shot glass and let out a dejected sigh, placing my chin in the palm of my hand.

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